Smoking Everywhere Cigarettes Review


Smoking Everywhere Highlights:

Smoking Everywhere offers a total of six different electronic cigarettes, which is far more than most other brands. They also provide a wide selection of great-tasting flavors, including apple, tobacco, cherry, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, vanilla, and mint. All of their devices are reasonably priced, but the Gold One Kit offers the best value for money.


The battery and charger are protected by a 12-month warranty for every product.

All of the most popular flavors are available, including tobacco, apple, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and mint. Many other brands cannot compete with this flavor selection.

Four nicotine strengths are available for each flavor: High (16mg), Medium (11mg), Low (6mg), and Non (0mg).

There are six different types of e-cigarettes available: Gold One, Uno, Electronic Cigarette 1.0, Electronic Cigarette 2.0, Classic Electronic Cigarette, and the Platinum. Aside from the Gold One Pink and the Classic Electronic Cigarette, all of the e-cigarettes resemble a traditional cigarette, and the Uno is an affordable disposable cigarette.

Cartridges are sold in packs of five and each one should be the equivalent of a standard pack of cigarettes.

Each type of cigarette, apart from the Uno, is powered by a rechargeable battery that will last for a day on a full charge. Heavy smokers, however, will most likely run through the battery in less than a day.

Smoking Everywhere CigarettesSmoking Everywhere offers far more e-cigarette options than other brands as well as a very large selection of great tasting flavors. Smokers who are new to e-cigarettes may want to try the Uno before graduating to a more expensive, more permanent device. Anyone who is new to e-cigarettes will most likely notice that it can be quite difficult to take a drag off of Smoking Everywhere cigarettes, so people with weak lungs may want to opt for another brand. However, after the first few puffs have been taken, the experience becomes very satisfying and a full hit of nicotine is provided. Another advantage of using Smoking Everywhere cigarettes is that they are lightweight and provide the look and feel of traditional cigarettes. On the downside, though, the cartridges don’t last as long as a traditional pack of cigarettes, and the disposable Uno, which is supposed to be the equivalent of three packs, is really the equivalent of about 1.5 packs. Unlike many other brands, Smoking Everywhere offers cigarettes that come in different styles. For example, the Gold One is available in pink, black, red, silver, and gold, while the Classic Electronic Cigarette is a pink cigarette that has the classic look from decades ago. Overall, Smoking Everywhere has something to offer for anyone who loves smoking, style, and flavor, which is highly unique in comparison to other brands, but strong lungs are required.


E-Cigarette Rechargeable Battery Component for 1.0, 2.0, Gold, and Classic: $39.00

Pack of 5 Cartridges for the Cigarette 1.0, 2.0, Gold, and Classic: $9.99

Car Charger: $19.99

Wall Charger: $29.99

Rechargeable Battery Component: $39.99

Atomizer: $29.99

Metal Carrying Case: $29.99

Gold One Kit: $99.99

Starter Kit includes 1 Gold cigarette, 5 cartridges, wall charger, 1 battery.

Electronic Cigarette 1.0: $149.99

Included in the kit: 1 Cigarette 1.0, 2 rechargeable batteries, wall charger, and 5 cartridges.

Platinum Kit: $149.99

Platinum Kit includes 1 Platinum cigarette, 3 high strength cartridges, 1 USB/wall charger, and 2 rechargeable batteries.

Electronic Cigarette 2.0: $149.99

Kit includes 1 Cigarette 2.0, 5 high strength tobacco flavored cartridges, 1 wall charger, and 2 rechargeable batteries.

Uno: $39.99

Final Recommendation:

Smoking Everywhere Cigarettes

Smoking Everywhere offers an astounding selection of e-cigarettes and flavors that come in different styles. The cigarettes provide a very satisfying nicotine hit and the Platinum cigarette is ideal for smokers who prefer a stronger cigarette. All of the cartridges are affordable and each cigarette will last a long time. However, even though all the cartridges are affordable we think that the Smoking Everywhere brand really needs to up their game when it comes to providing quality power supplies to their e-cigs. In this day and age, it is simply not acceptable to have an e-cig that will run out of their battery no matter how heavy the user uses the e-cig.


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