SmokeStik Review


SmokeStik Highlights:

SmokeStik is more of the image-conscious electronic cigarette. Where other brands offer models designed to look like traditional cigarettes, SmokeStik takes this a step further. With seven different colors, it makes a statement. Designed to get noticed, this e-cigarette is the pick of many celebrities featured in magazines all across the USA and the UK.



Available in two or three-piece model’s flexibility to choose your level of involvement

Three strengths of nicotine keep your same strength (unfiltered, red, and light)

Menthol Available

Seven different colors Mix and Match

USB charger charges on your computer

Proudly owned and made in the USA

SmokeStikSmokeStik started with a three-piece model, but they’ve recently made the switch to the more popular two-piece models. Much like Green Smokes design, the two-piece e-cigarette eliminates the need for cleaning because the atomizer and nicotine cartridge are combined into one. This makes it more convenient to switch out filters.

SmokeStiks name for the combined cartridge and atomizer is cartomizer, so don’t let that confuse you. It’s a cartridge and atomizer like every other electronic cigarette. As they are trying to make the switch to the cartomizers, they offer discounts on the three-piece models. That means you’ll get more nicotine for your money, and you’ll still enjoy having one of the most stylish e-cigarettes around.


* Electric Cigarette Battery: $ 22.95

Special Edition Batteries: $ 28.95

SmokeStik Cartomizer (5-Pack): $ 19.95

Charger and AC Adapter: $ 24.95

SmokeStik Premium Starter Kit: $ 89.95

Special Edition Starter Kits: $ 99.95

If you’re going with SmokeStik, chances are you’ve seen or heard about some of the famous celebrities who use this brand: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Victoria Hervey, and MTVs J-Woww. You’ll probably want to spend the extra dollars and go with the special edition kits or batteries.

There are three special edition starter kits. Royale is a white design popular with many female celebrities. JET is a sleek-looking black with a gold rim. Finally, Hendu Elite is a dark metallic color with a blue-purple tip. All these starter kits come with two batteries, AC adapter, three cartomizers, a free carrying case, and free USB charger.

Gold, Platinum, and Pink are sold individually (not available in starter kits). Of course, you can also choose the normal design that looks like an old-fashioned tobacco cigarette. If you later decide you’d like to stand out a bit more, then you’ll be happy to know you can mix and match different colored batteries and cartomizers as you upgrade.

Final Recommendation:

SmokeStik is the e-cigarette for the fashion conscious. Additionally, the SmokeStik is an e-cigarette that can be considered a fashion accessory that has no rivals. For the fashion conscious the e-cigarette is not just a statement that you have taken a step into the healthier choice when it comes to smoking, but that it is also important how others will react to your presence and the action of smoking.

If you need something that takes better care of your image as it takes better care of your health, then SmokeStik should be your brand of choice.


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