LUCI Cigarettes Review


LUCI Cigarettes Highlights:

LUCI CigarettesThere is nothing spectacular about LUCI e-cigarettes. The lifetime warranty only applies to the atomizer. Batteries and chargers have only a 14-day warranty. In fact, even the 30-day money back guarantee applies only to starter kits and has a $35 dollar restocking fee when you look at the fine print. There is nothing bad about the quality or the look of the cigarettes. The black cigarette packaging is rather sleek and stylish. However, LUCI seems to be outdone in all aspects by other brands of e-cigarettes.


Four available flavors Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, and Cherry

Two nicotine strengths Medium and High

Lifetime warranty on the atomizer

Car, USB, and wall chargers available

It’s worthy to mention that LUCI has made no attempt to manufacture a cartridge and atomizer in one piece. This could be a testament to the lifetime warranty on their atomizer, but it means you’ll be cleaning that atomizer for life. Most other brands of e-cigarettes are moving towards a two piece design with more convenience in switching out the filters.


Starter Kit: $ 59.99

Extended Starter Kit: $ 99.99

Advanced Starter Kit: $ 149.99

Complete Starter Kit: $ 199.99

Batteries: $ 24.99

Atomizer: $ 29.99

Cartridges (5-pack) : $ 9.99

The basic starter kit is comparable to the Blu Cigs starter kit. Blu Cigs would actually be a better purchase at this price range because you get an extra atomizer and USB charger.

LUCI CigarettesAll the other starter kits seem a bit overpriced compared to competitors which give you all the same accessories included. The advanced starter kit, for example, includes two batteries and a charger for USB ports. You would benefit more by getting a Green Smoke starter kit which comes with the same accessories and has the convenience of the two-piece design (no cleaning necessary).

Final Recommendation:

LUCI e-cigs are a quality product, but they have no real advantage over other competitors. The 30-day money back guarantees don’t really give you all your money back, and most of the product is guaranteed for only 14 days. Additionally, it is our opinion that every other cigarette brand offers something special in their package compared to the LUCI e-cigs. For instance, the chargers that come with these cigs show wear and tear after just a few weeks of use, which is not something you want to happen on a product that you aim to use for the next couple of months at least.

For these reasons and the high price of the upper-level starter kits, you would be better off choosing another brand until LUCI gets their act together.


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