Crown 7 Cigarettes Review


Crown 7 Highlights:

Crown 7 offers one electronic cigarette, called the Hydro Imperial, which comes in black and white. There are currently two flavors available for the Hydro Imperial, which are USA Blend and Menthol. Although the selection is limited, each cigarette is built to last and offers a great a deal of flavor.


Crown 7 Cigarettes

Each cigarette can be returned within 30 days of purchase for an 80% refund of what was spent.

The flavor selection, which includes USA Blend (Tobacco) and menthol, is quite limited, but each flavor is bold and provides a good smoking experience.

There is only one type of cigarette available, the Hydro Imperial, which comes in two colors: black and white. It consists of an atomizer, battery, and uses replaceable cartridges.

Cartridges are sold in packs of five and each cartridge is roughly the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. The menthol cartridges are only available in high strength, while the USA Blend cartridges are available in both high and medium strengths.

The cigarette can be charged with either a USB or wall charger. After a full charge is achieved, which generally takes about four hours, the cigarette lasts for about a day.

Crown 7 CigarettesThe Crown 7 Hydro Imperial is a solid electronic cigarette that has been built to last. Though it only offers two flavors USA Blend (Tobacco) and menthol the flavors taste great and it’s easy to take a good drag, which is not something that some of Crown 7’s competitors can say. The cigarette is constructed from very durable components that fit together perfectly. Once the cigarette has been completely assembled, the construction is very sturdy and the entire device is very easy to clean. However, this cigarette produces a little more vapor than expected, so the nicotine hit is slightly weaker than it should be, but the difference is not significant enough to drag down the overall quality of the Crown 7 Hydro Imperial. Additionally, we have to give plus points to the design. Crown 7 has designed elegant e-cigs that bring with them a smoking experience that you won’t find in many other brands. Crown 7 has definitely understood the part about e-cigs being a fashion statement and have invested heavily in the design.


Rechargeable Battery: $14.95

Cartomizer Refills (Cartridges): $19.95

Wall Charger: $9.95

Hydro Imperial Starter Kit (black or white): $37.77

Included in Starter Kit: 1 electronic cigarette, 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 USB charger, and 5 cartridges.

Liquid Refill for Cartridges: $14.95

Final Recommendation:

The Hydro Imperial from Crown 7 is a great electronic cigarette that will last for a long time. Though the flavor options are limited, this brand is still a worthy competitor, since it offers a superior smoking experience in comparison to quite a few of its competitors.

Smoking Everywhere Cigarettes Review


Smoking Everywhere Highlights:

Smoking Everywhere offers a total of six different electronic cigarettes, which is far more than most other brands. They also provide a wide selection of great-tasting flavors, including apple, tobacco, cherry, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, vanilla, and mint. All of their devices are reasonably priced, but the Gold One Kit offers the best value for money.


The battery and charger are protected by a 12-month warranty for every product.

All of the most popular flavors are available, including tobacco, apple, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and mint. Many other brands cannot compete with this flavor selection.

Four nicotine strengths are available for each flavor: High (16mg), Medium (11mg), Low (6mg), and Non (0mg).

There are six different types of e-cigarettes available: Gold One, Uno, Electronic Cigarette 1.0, Electronic Cigarette 2.0, Classic Electronic Cigarette, and the Platinum. Aside from the Gold One Pink and the Classic Electronic Cigarette, all of the e-cigarettes resemble a traditional cigarette, and the Uno is an affordable disposable cigarette.

Cartridges are sold in packs of five and each one should be the equivalent of a standard pack of cigarettes.

Each type of cigarette, apart from the Uno, is powered by a rechargeable battery that will last for a day on a full charge. Heavy smokers, however, will most likely run through the battery in less than a day.

Smoking Everywhere CigarettesSmoking Everywhere offers far more e-cigarette options than other brands as well as a very large selection of great tasting flavors. Smokers who are new to e-cigarettes may want to try the Uno before graduating to a more expensive, more permanent device. Anyone who is new to e-cigarettes will most likely notice that it can be quite difficult to take a drag off of Smoking Everywhere cigarettes, so people with weak lungs may want to opt for another brand. However, after the first few puffs have been taken, the experience becomes very satisfying and a full hit of nicotine is provided. Another advantage of using Smoking Everywhere cigarettes is that they are lightweight and provide the look and feel of traditional cigarettes. On the downside, though, the cartridges don’t last as long as a traditional pack of cigarettes, and the disposable Uno, which is supposed to be the equivalent of three packs, is really the equivalent of about 1.5 packs. Unlike many other brands, Smoking Everywhere offers cigarettes that come in different styles. For example, the Gold One is available in pink, black, red, silver, and gold, while the Classic Electronic Cigarette is a pink cigarette that has the classic look from decades ago. Overall, Smoking Everywhere has something to offer for anyone who loves smoking, style, and flavor, which is highly unique in comparison to other brands, but strong lungs are required.


E-Cigarette Rechargeable Battery Component for 1.0, 2.0, Gold, and Classic: $39.00

Pack of 5 Cartridges for the Cigarette 1.0, 2.0, Gold, and Classic: $9.99

Car Charger: $19.99

Wall Charger: $29.99

Rechargeable Battery Component: $39.99

Atomizer: $29.99

Metal Carrying Case: $29.99

Gold One Kit: $99.99

Starter Kit includes 1 Gold cigarette, 5 cartridges, wall charger, 1 battery.

Electronic Cigarette 1.0: $149.99

Included in the kit: 1 Cigarette 1.0, 2 rechargeable batteries, wall charger, and 5 cartridges.

Platinum Kit: $149.99

Platinum Kit includes 1 Platinum cigarette, 3 high strength cartridges, 1 USB/wall charger, and 2 rechargeable batteries.

Electronic Cigarette 2.0: $149.99

Kit includes 1 Cigarette 2.0, 5 high strength tobacco flavored cartridges, 1 wall charger, and 2 rechargeable batteries.

Uno: $39.99

Final Recommendation:

Smoking Everywhere Cigarettes

Smoking Everywhere offers an astounding selection of e-cigarettes and flavors that come in different styles. The cigarettes provide a very satisfying nicotine hit and the Platinum cigarette is ideal for smokers who prefer a stronger cigarette. All of the cartridges are affordable and each cigarette will last a long time. However, even though all the cartridges are affordable we think that the Smoking Everywhere brand really needs to up their game when it comes to providing quality power supplies to their e-cigs. In this day and age, it is simply not acceptable to have an e-cig that will run out of their battery no matter how heavy the user uses the e-cig.

Gamucci Cigarettes Review


Gamucci Highlights:

Gamucci offers two types of electronic cigarettes, which are the Gamucci Continental and the Gamucci Micro. The Continental is a disposable device that will appeal to people who want to try out electronic cigarettes without paying a high price, while the Micro is a rechargeable device that has been designed for smokers who plan to make the switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes. Although there are only two flavors available tobacco and menthol these cigarettes provide a smooth flavor and each cartridge is the equivalent of 12 to 15 traditional cigarettes.


The rechargeable Micro comes with a 12-month guarantee. However, the batteries and the vaporizers are will only be covered for 300 recharges or 50,000 puffs.

The flavor selection for both the Continental and the Micro are quite limited in comparison to other brands, since only menthol and tobacco flavors are available.

There are two types of devices available: the rechargeable Micro and the disposable Continental. The Micro consists of a vaporizer, cartridge, and a battery, while the Micro packs all of the devices into a single cigarette. Both devices use the same cartridges and nicotine solutions.

Each cartridge should last for the same amount of time as 12 to 15 traditional cigarettes, but this will depend upon the chosen strength of the cartridge.

Four nicotine strengths are available: Regular (1.6% nicotine), Light (1.1% nicotine), Ultra-Light (0.6% nicotine), and Zero Nicotine (0% nicotine).

The Micro uses a rechargeable Lithium battery that can be replaced when necessary.

Gamucci CigarettesFor smokers who aren’t ready to take the plunge into switching over to electronic cigarettes, the Gamucci Continental is a good, affordable option. These disposable cigarettes offer a very similar experience to the Micro, so it’s the perfect way to figure if rechargeable cigarettes are worth the money. One of the best benefits of using the Micro, as opposed to the Continental, is that it feels a lot like a regular cigarette. It has a similar weight to it and it’s about the same size. The downside to these products is that there aren’t a lot of flavor choices. Menthol and tobacco are some of the most popular flavors around, but it would be nice to have additional options, like apple or chocolate. It is possible to choose between the standard nicotine strengths, however, including Regular, Light, Ultra-Light, and Zero Nicotine. On the plus side, both the Micro and the Continental taste great and offer a very satisfying nicotine hit when the right strength is chosen. The battery for the Micro should last for up to 275 puffs and each cartridge is the equivalent of 12 to 15 cigarettes, so they are a great money saver.


Micro Rechargeable Battery: $24.99

Pack of 5 Micro Cartridges: $14.99

Micro Wall Charger: $29.99

Continental Disposable Electronic Alternative: $14.99

Micro V2 Starter Kit: $79.99

Starter Kit includes 1 electronic Gamucci Micro Cigarette, 2 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Vaporizer, Carry Case, and 5 cartridges in tobacco flavor.

Spare Micro Vaporizer: $19.99

Final Recommendation:

The Gamucci Micro and Gamucci Continental are great starter products for smokers who are considering switching over to healthier, electronic cigarettes. Namely, the Gamucci brand understand something that most brands forget once they make it big, which is if you provide a product for an affordable price your product will see provide more brand recognition and promote itself in a specific group of people. Gamucci is a brand that is thinking ahead and while we would recommend them to every beginning user, they definitely have products that will serve even the heaviest of vapor consumers.

Gamucci CigarettesAlthough the flavor choices are limited in comparison to other brands, they really make up for it by providing a real bang for your buck and a great smoking experience.

NJOY Cigarettes Review


NJOY Highlights:

NJOY offers two types of electronic cigarettes: the NPRO and the NCIG. However, the NCIG will be discontinued by the end of 2010, so consumers should opt for the NPRO instead. There are a good number of flavor choices for both the NPRO and the NCIG, which include tobacco, menthol, apple, strawberry, and vanilla. Overall, the NPRO is the better buy, since it comes with an upgraded atomizer and provides users with more puffs per cartridge, which will lead to great cost savings.

NJOY Cigarettes


A 12-month warranty is provided with the sale of each NPRO and the NCIG that protects against product defects and malfunctions. However, the warranty is only valid if the electronic cigarettes have not been tampered with.

There are currently five flavors available for both the NPRO and the NCIG, which are tobacco, menthol, apple, strawberry, and vanilla. The flavors are smooth and bold, and the NPRO comes close to tasting like a traditional cigarette.

Four nicotine strengths are available for the NPRO and the NCIG cartridges, which include Ultra Light (6mg nicotine), Light (12mg nicotine), Regular (18mg nicotine), and None (0mg nicotine).

There are two types of cigarettes available. The NPRO is slightly shorter than the NCIG and will be replacing it by the end of 2010. On the plus side, the NPRO offers three times more puffs per cartridge than the NCIG and it tastes slightly more like a traditional cigarette than the NCIG.

Nicotine cartridges come in packs of five and each cartridge should last as long as ten traditional cigarettes. However, the amount of time that each cartridge lasts will ultimately depend upon the smoker and the strength of the cartridge that they have chosen to purchase.

Both the NCIG and NPRO come with rechargeable batteries that should last an average of one to three days, depending upon how often the cigarettes are used. The batteries can be fully recharged in two hours.

NJOY CigarettesSimilar to other brands, NJOY offers several popular flavors, like menthol, vanilla, tobacco, apple, and strawberry, which are also sold at different nicotine strengths ranging from nicotine free to 18mg per cigarette. The most noticeable quality of the newer NJOY NPRO is that its tobacco flavored cigarettes taste quite similar to traditional cigarettes. Although this brand will only be offering one type of cigarette in 2011, the NPRO, it is an improved version of its predecessor, since it tastes better and offers three times more drags per cartridge than the NCIG. This is a great benefit for anyone who is looking to save money. The NPRO, like the NCIG, offers a starter kit that includes one cigarette, ten cartridges, two rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger. The NPRO is also available in several different colors, including black, silver, burgundy, and white, and the regular strength cartridges pack a pretty strong nicotine hit. Using the NPRO and the NCIG is a breeze, since they are very easy to put together and taking a puff doesn’t require much effort.


Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: $14.95

Pack of 5 Refill Cartridges: $19.95

Cigarette-Style Battery Charger: $29.95

Auto Charger with USB Cord: $24.95

Atomizer: $24.95

NPRO Starter Kit: $79.95

Includes 1 NPRO Cigarette, 10 Cartridges, 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, and 1 Battery Charger.

NCIG Starter Kit: $69.95

Kit includes 1 NCIG cigarette, 4 Refill Cartridges, 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, and 1 Battery Charger.

Final Recommendation:

NJOY offers high-quality electronic cigarettes at great prices with a good number popular flavors to choose from. When it comes to high-quality e-cigs NJOY are one step ahead of the competition. They are not just offering a super product for an affordable price, but they also understand that the e-cigs require a certain finesse when it comes to their design, which they get perfectly. Every NJOY user will feel the quality of their e-cig whenever they take a puff.

Each cigarette is built to last and the parts can easily be replaced at very reasonable costs, making these electronic cigarettes great value for your money.

LUCI Cigarettes Review


LUCI Cigarettes Highlights:

LUCI CigarettesThere is nothing spectacular about LUCI e-cigarettes. The lifetime warranty only applies to the atomizer. Batteries and chargers have only a 14-day warranty. In fact, even the 30-day money back guarantee applies only to starter kits and has a $35 dollar restocking fee when you look at the fine print. There is nothing bad about the quality or the look of the cigarettes. The black cigarette packaging is rather sleek and stylish. However, LUCI seems to be outdone in all aspects by other brands of e-cigarettes.


Four available flavors Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, and Cherry

Two nicotine strengths Medium and High

Lifetime warranty on the atomizer

Car, USB, and wall chargers available

It’s worthy to mention that LUCI has made no attempt to manufacture a cartridge and atomizer in one piece. This could be a testament to the lifetime warranty on their atomizer, but it means you’ll be cleaning that atomizer for life. Most other brands of e-cigarettes are moving towards a two piece design with more convenience in switching out the filters.


Starter Kit: $ 59.99

Extended Starter Kit: $ 99.99

Advanced Starter Kit: $ 149.99

Complete Starter Kit: $ 199.99

Batteries: $ 24.99

Atomizer: $ 29.99

Cartridges (5-pack) : $ 9.99

The basic starter kit is comparable to the Blu Cigs starter kit. Blu Cigs would actually be a better purchase at this price range because you get an extra atomizer and USB charger.

LUCI CigarettesAll the other starter kits seem a bit overpriced compared to competitors which give you all the same accessories included. The advanced starter kit, for example, includes two batteries and a charger for USB ports. You would benefit more by getting a Green Smoke starter kit which comes with the same accessories and has the convenience of the two-piece design (no cleaning necessary).

Final Recommendation:

LUCI e-cigs are a quality product, but they have no real advantage over other competitors. The 30-day money back guarantees don’t really give you all your money back, and most of the product is guaranteed for only 14 days. Additionally, it is our opinion that every other cigarette brand offers something special in their package compared to the LUCI e-cigs. For instance, the chargers that come with these cigs show wear and tear after just a few weeks of use, which is not something you want to happen on a product that you aim to use for the next couple of months at least.

For these reasons and the high price of the upper-level starter kits, you would be better off choosing another brand until LUCI gets their act together.

SmokeStik Review


SmokeStik Highlights:

SmokeStik is more of the image-conscious electronic cigarette. Where other brands offer models designed to look like traditional cigarettes, SmokeStik takes this a step further. With seven different colors, it makes a statement. Designed to get noticed, this e-cigarette is the pick of many celebrities featured in magazines all across the USA and the UK.



Available in two or three-piece model’s flexibility to choose your level of involvement

Three strengths of nicotine keep your same strength (unfiltered, red, and light)

Menthol Available

Seven different colors Mix and Match

USB charger charges on your computer

Proudly owned and made in the USA

SmokeStikSmokeStik started with a three-piece model, but they’ve recently made the switch to the more popular two-piece models. Much like Green Smokes design, the two-piece e-cigarette eliminates the need for cleaning because the atomizer and nicotine cartridge are combined into one. This makes it more convenient to switch out filters.

SmokeStiks name for the combined cartridge and atomizer is cartomizer, so don’t let that confuse you. It’s a cartridge and atomizer like every other electronic cigarette. As they are trying to make the switch to the cartomizers, they offer discounts on the three-piece models. That means you’ll get more nicotine for your money, and you’ll still enjoy having one of the most stylish e-cigarettes around.


* Electric Cigarette Battery: $ 22.95

Special Edition Batteries: $ 28.95

SmokeStik Cartomizer (5-Pack): $ 19.95

Charger and AC Adapter: $ 24.95

SmokeStik Premium Starter Kit: $ 89.95

Special Edition Starter Kits: $ 99.95

If you’re going with SmokeStik, chances are you’ve seen or heard about some of the famous celebrities who use this brand: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Victoria Hervey, and MTVs J-Woww. You’ll probably want to spend the extra dollars and go with the special edition kits or batteries.

There are three special edition starter kits. Royale is a white design popular with many female celebrities. JET is a sleek-looking black with a gold rim. Finally, Hendu Elite is a dark metallic color with a blue-purple tip. All these starter kits come with two batteries, AC adapter, three cartomizers, a free carrying case, and free USB charger.

Gold, Platinum, and Pink are sold individually (not available in starter kits). Of course, you can also choose the normal design that looks like an old-fashioned tobacco cigarette. If you later decide you’d like to stand out a bit more, then you’ll be happy to know you can mix and match different colored batteries and cartomizers as you upgrade.

Final Recommendation:

SmokeStik is the e-cigarette for the fashion conscious. Additionally, the SmokeStik is an e-cigarette that can be considered a fashion accessory that has no rivals. For the fashion conscious the e-cigarette is not just a statement that you have taken a step into the healthier choice when it comes to smoking, but that it is also important how others will react to your presence and the action of smoking.

If you need something that takes better care of your image as it takes better care of your health, then SmokeStik should be your brand of choice.

Green Smoke Review


Green Smoke Highlights:

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are made for convenience, ease-of-use, and cleanliness. Using a two-piece cigarette, there’s no need for cleaning. Green Smoke is the top end of electronic cigarettes. However, the price is more than justified by the ease and comfort you’ll enjoy.


Only two pieces instead of three cartridges changing is easier

Mouthpiece changes with each cartridge no cleaning necessary, no bacteria build up

Four different nicotine levels match your current brand strength (unfiltered, red, light, ultra-light)

Eight different flavors stick with your current flavor such as menthol or try a new one

USB charger charges with a standard electrical outlet or right on your computer

Discount codes available save money at checkout

Green SmokeThe convenience of only having two pieces makes changing cartridges a snap. Also, the different levels of strength mean you won’t be out of luck when it comes to matching your current cigarettes. Another interesting feature is the eight different flavors of the cartridges (also known as tips or filters). Those who smoke menthols have been disappointed by other smokeless brands. However, not only is menthol available, but so are other flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, apple, vanilla, and coffee. The USB Charger provides you with the convenience of being able to charge the smokeless cigarette on your computer or wall socket.

Coincidentally the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes can also be used in lots of places where a regular cigarette is banned. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are not harmful to the health of surrounding people, nor do they produce the smell which every nonsmoker finds repugnant. With Green Smoke electronic cigarettes you will find that vaporing is a far better action than smoking ever was.


Electric Cigarette Battery: $ 49.95

Pack of 5 Cartridges: $ 14.75

USB Home Charger Kit: $ 34.95

Basic Starter Kit: $ 139.00

The basic starter kit comes with 2 electric cigarettes: one short and one long. It also includes the USB charger and five nicotine cartridges.

Love Birds Kit: $ 270.00

The love birds kit comes with everything the basic starter kit does. It’s a special package made for couples who wish to switch to smokeless cigarettes together. Basically, its the same as buying two basic kits with a slight discount.

Final Recommendation:

Green SmokeIf you truly want to enjoy switching to smokeless cigarettes, then consider Green Smoke. You’ll have many flavors and strength to choose from. Being able to match the strength and flavor of your current brand of cigarettes will give you an advantage over those choosing cheaper brands. Also, you’ll enjoy cleaner and healthier smokeless cigarettes without the need of cleaning thanks to the two-piece design.

Blu Cigs Review


Blu Cigs Highlights:

Blu Cigs are a balanced combination of style, flavor, and price. The one unique feature is the cigarette pack. It looks and feels like a flip-top pack of cigarettes, yet it’s actually a portable charger. This means you’ll enjoy an easier transition to e-cigarettes because almost all of your secondary habits, such as reaching for the pack, are still there. Just don’t make the mistake of using your lighter on it.


Blu cigs* Portable Charger looks like a pack of cigarettes e-cigs will always be ready to smoke

Five Flavors Tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla, java

25 cartridges per pack more nicotine for your money

Three levels of nicotine match your preferred strength (unfiltered, red, and light)

Variety packs available try all the different flavors without breaking your wallet

Free Shipping, 30-day money back guarantee, one-year warranty you’re protected if you’re not satisfied

Blue colored tip visually alerts others nearby that you’re using an e-cigarette

It’s important to note the 30-day money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and nobody is fussier about satisfaction than a smoker. You can try them out knowing you’re not stuck if you don’t like them.

Blu Cigs can also be quite the conversation piece. The blue colored tip lights up when you take a puff. Other brands of e-cigs attempted to imitate traditional cigarettes by having the ends light up red. However, this can backfire in some establishments because others think you’re smoking a real cigarette and become upset. Blu Cigs solve this problem with their unique blue colored tip.

Blu cigsMany of our users have reported that the Blu Cigs have given them a boost when it comes to confidence as the Blue Cigs are not just a way to satisfy your vaporing needs, but is also a fashion statement that will open several doors a lot easier than you might expect.


Batteries: $ 9.95

Two Atomizers: $ 9.95

Wall charger and USB charger: $ 9.95

Portable Charger (cigarette pack): $ 9.95

25 Flavor Cartridges (5 Packs of 5): $25.00

Starter Kit: $59.95

The Blu Cigs starter kit comes with the portable charger pack, two batteries, two atomizers, a wall and USB charger, and 25 cartridges. You save $ 14.80 buying the starter kit instead of each item individually.

Final Recommendation:

If you’re looking to get started with e-cigarettes at a lower starting price, Blu Cigs are an excellent choice. The signature blue colored tip makes it easier to smoke in public places. The sleek white or black look is attractive, and the self-cleaning atomizer compensates for the three-piece design. Overall, Blu Cigs are a good balance of look, flavor, nicotine strength, and price.

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