Green Smoke Review


Green Smoke Highlights:

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are made for convenience, ease-of-use, and cleanliness. Using a two-piece cigarette, there’s no need for cleaning. Green Smoke is the top end of electronic cigarettes. However, the price is more than justified by the ease and comfort you’ll enjoy.


Only two pieces instead of three cartridges changing is easier

Mouthpiece changes with each cartridge no cleaning necessary, no bacteria build up

Four different nicotine levels match your current brand strength (unfiltered, red, light, ultra-light)

Eight different flavors stick with your current flavor such as menthol or try a new one

USB charger charges with a standard electrical outlet or right on your computer

Discount codes available save money at checkout

Green SmokeThe convenience of only having two pieces makes changing cartridges a snap. Also, the different levels of strength mean you won’t be out of luck when it comes to matching your current cigarettes. Another interesting feature is the eight different flavors of the cartridges (also known as tips or filters). Those who smoke menthols have been disappointed by other smokeless brands. However, not only is menthol available, but so are other flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, apple, vanilla, and coffee. The USB Charger provides you with the convenience of being able to charge the smokeless cigarette on your computer or wall socket.

Coincidentally the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes can also be used in lots of places where a regular cigarette is banned. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are not harmful to the health of surrounding people, nor do they produce the smell which every nonsmoker finds repugnant. With Green Smoke electronic cigarettes you will find that vaporing is a far better action than smoking ever was.


Electric Cigarette Battery: $ 49.95

Pack of 5 Cartridges: $ 14.75

USB Home Charger Kit: $ 34.95

Basic Starter Kit: $ 139.00

The basic starter kit comes with 2 electric cigarettes: one short and one long. It also includes the USB charger and five nicotine cartridges.

Love Birds Kit: $ 270.00

The love birds kit comes with everything the basic starter kit does. It’s a special package made for couples who wish to switch to smokeless cigarettes together. Basically, its the same as buying two basic kits with a slight discount.

Final Recommendation:

Green SmokeIf you truly want to enjoy switching to smokeless cigarettes, then consider Green Smoke. You’ll have many flavors and strength to choose from. Being able to match the strength and flavor of your current brand of cigarettes will give you an advantage over those choosing cheaper brands. Also, you’ll enjoy cleaner and healthier smokeless cigarettes without the need of cleaning thanks to the two-piece design.


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