Gamucci Cigarettes Review


Gamucci Highlights:

Gamucci offers two types of electronic cigarettes, which are the Gamucci Continental and the Gamucci Micro. The Continental is a disposable device that will appeal to people who want to try out electronic cigarettes without paying a high price, while the Micro is a rechargeable device that has been designed for smokers who plan to make the switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes. Although there are only two flavors available tobacco and menthol these cigarettes provide a smooth flavor and each cartridge is the equivalent of 12 to 15 traditional cigarettes.


The rechargeable Micro comes with a 12-month guarantee. However, the batteries and the vaporizers are will only be covered for 300 recharges or 50,000 puffs.

The flavor selection for both the Continental and the Micro are quite limited in comparison to other brands, since only menthol and tobacco flavors are available.

There are two types of devices available: the rechargeable Micro and the disposable Continental. The Micro consists of a vaporizer, cartridge, and a battery, while the Micro packs all of the devices into a single cigarette. Both devices use the same cartridges and nicotine solutions.

Each cartridge should last for the same amount of time as 12 to 15 traditional cigarettes, but this will depend upon the chosen strength of the cartridge.

Four nicotine strengths are available: Regular (1.6% nicotine), Light (1.1% nicotine), Ultra-Light (0.6% nicotine), and Zero Nicotine (0% nicotine).

The Micro uses a rechargeable Lithium battery that can be replaced when necessary.

Gamucci CigarettesFor smokers who aren’t ready to take the plunge into switching over to electronic cigarettes, the Gamucci Continental is a good, affordable option. These disposable cigarettes offer a very similar experience to the Micro, so it’s the perfect way to figure if rechargeable cigarettes are worth the money. One of the best benefits of using the Micro, as opposed to the Continental, is that it feels a lot like a regular cigarette. It has a similar weight to it and it’s about the same size. The downside to these products is that there aren’t a lot of flavor choices. Menthol and tobacco are some of the most popular flavors around, but it would be nice to have additional options, like apple or chocolate. It is possible to choose between the standard nicotine strengths, however, including Regular, Light, Ultra-Light, and Zero Nicotine. On the plus side, both the Micro and the Continental taste great and offer a very satisfying nicotine hit when the right strength is chosen. The battery for the Micro should last for up to 275 puffs and each cartridge is the equivalent of 12 to 15 cigarettes, so they are a great money saver.


Micro Rechargeable Battery: $24.99

Pack of 5 Micro Cartridges: $14.99

Micro Wall Charger: $29.99

Continental Disposable Electronic Alternative: $14.99

Micro V2 Starter Kit: $79.99

Starter Kit includes 1 electronic Gamucci Micro Cigarette, 2 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Vaporizer, Carry Case, and 5 cartridges in tobacco flavor.

Spare Micro Vaporizer: $19.99

Final Recommendation:

The Gamucci Micro and Gamucci Continental are great starter products for smokers who are considering switching over to healthier, electronic cigarettes. Namely, the Gamucci brand understand something that most brands forget once they make it big, which is if you provide a product for an affordable price your product will see provide more brand recognition and promote itself in a specific group of people. Gamucci is a brand that is thinking ahead and while we would recommend them to every beginning user, they definitely have products that will serve even the heaviest of vapor consumers.

Gamucci CigarettesAlthough the flavor choices are limited in comparison to other brands, they really make up for it by providing a real bang for your buck and a great smoking experience.


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