Blu Cigs Review


Blu Cigs Highlights:

Blu Cigs are a balanced combination of style, flavor, and price. The one unique feature is the cigarette pack. It looks and feels like a flip-top pack of cigarettes, yet it’s actually a portable charger. This means you’ll enjoy an easier transition to e-cigarettes because almost all of your secondary habits, such as reaching for the pack, are still there. Just don’t make the mistake of using your lighter on it.


Blu cigs* Portable Charger looks like a pack of cigarettes e-cigs will always be ready to smoke

Five Flavors Tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla, java

25 cartridges per pack more nicotine for your money

Three levels of nicotine match your preferred strength (unfiltered, red, and light)

Variety packs available try all the different flavors without breaking your wallet

Free Shipping, 30-day money back guarantee, one-year warranty you’re protected if you’re not satisfied

Blue colored tip visually alerts others nearby that you’re using an e-cigarette

It’s important to note the 30-day money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and nobody is fussier about satisfaction than a smoker. You can try them out knowing you’re not stuck if you don’t like them.

Blu Cigs can also be quite the conversation piece. The blue colored tip lights up when you take a puff. Other brands of e-cigs attempted to imitate traditional cigarettes by having the ends light up red. However, this can backfire in some establishments because others think you’re smoking a real cigarette and become upset. Blu Cigs solve this problem with their unique blue colored tip.

Blu cigsMany of our users have reported that the Blu Cigs have given them a boost when it comes to confidence as the Blue Cigs are not just a way to satisfy your vaporing needs, but is also a fashion statement that will open several doors a lot easier than you might expect.


Batteries: $ 9.95

Two Atomizers: $ 9.95

Wall charger and USB charger: $ 9.95

Portable Charger (cigarette pack): $ 9.95

25 Flavor Cartridges (5 Packs of 5): $25.00

Starter Kit: $59.95

The Blu Cigs starter kit comes with the portable charger pack, two batteries, two atomizers, a wall and USB charger, and 25 cartridges. You save $ 14.80 buying the starter kit instead of each item individually.

Final Recommendation:

If you’re looking to get started with e-cigarettes at a lower starting price, Blu Cigs are an excellent choice. The signature blue colored tip makes it easier to smoke in public places. The sleek white or black look is attractive, and the self-cleaning atomizer compensates for the three-piece design. Overall, Blu Cigs are a good balance of look, flavor, nicotine strength, and price.


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